After you invited the Raid-Helper discord bot to your server, go to a textchannel and issue the !create command. The bot will DM you and ask a series of inputs from you to create your first event. If an event was successfully created after that, you are basically good to go! There is a few settings that are important to set up before you can call it a day though. You definitely want to set up the timezone for your server, so that the bot knows when to correctly close events or send out messages/reminders. Issue the !timezone command in a channel and the bot will send you a list of timezones that you can choose from. Now you possibly also want to determine who is allowed to create events on your server. By default, admins and members with the manage server permission have access to all commands of the bot. If you want additional members to be able to create/edit events, you can define a so called manager role. Issue the !managerrole command and append a discord role to it. Members with this discord role will now have access to most commands except the ones that are considered server settings.