Q: Why does the bot not react to any of my commands ?
A: If the bot doesn't react to the !serversettings command, then the bot doesn't have the required permissions in the current channel. Check over the permissions set for the bot in that channel. Alternatively give the bot full admin privileges to circumvent any channel permission overrides.
Q: I can't see the event message or the reactions below the message, what do ?
A: Go into your user settings under text & images and enable website preview and show emoji reactions. Image
Q: The bot reacts to some commands but !createevent doesn't work ?
A: You have more than likely not set the manager role properly. Make sure by using !serversettings and check the currently set manager role. Make sure there are no brackets or other characters that are not strictly part of the role name that you have chosen. Also make sure you actually have the role, otherwise you are not permitted to use the !createevent unless you have the manage server permissions.
Q: How do I check what the prefix is set to if I forgot ?
A: Type !serversettings, this command always works with '!' too. Copy paste the set prefix, whatever it is, and append setprefix ! to it. That way you have reset the prefix to '!'.
Q: Why did the event color turn red and I'm unable to sign up ?
A: Either you have ended the event with the !endevent command or the time you set for the event minus the deadline has passed. The set time marks the point the event will not accept any further sign-ups. It can be offset by the deadline to close sign-ups # hours before the event will happen.
Q: I accidentally removed some of the bots reactions, how can I get them back ?
A: Use the !recoverreactions command. The bot will remove all reactions of the specified event and re-apply them again.
Q: I tried to give out dkp but it seems the roster is empty ?
A: The bot will only give out dkp to users who are on the roster. For someone to be added to the roster he either needs to have been added at least once to an event. You can see who is on the roster with the !dkp list command.
Q: I'm trying to edit an event but the bot answers with "You are already editing another event."
A: DM the bot with the keyword "done" to cancel any previous editing process. Then attempt to edit again..